Omar Khaled Eldash

Address: P.O.Box 40532, Lafayette, LA, 70504

Telephone: +1 (337) 504-1628




August 2014 – Current

Center for Advanced Computer Studies [Louisiana – USA] Graduate Assistant.

Research Focus: Smart/Dynamic/Autonomous chips [Chips that think]

  • Building a quanitative analysis that measures different hardware intelligence metrics.
  • Modeling abstract architectures and algorithms using Python.
  • Evaluating and creating of qualitative study/analysis for different reconfigurable platforms.
  • Implementing autonomous reconfiguration system and assessing their feasibility for different applications and hardware platforms
  • Introducing machine learning features to be tracked within hardware systems performance. Implementation Keys: Xilinx Vivado, Intel Quartus and their FPGAs, Verilog, Python, Scripting, Artificial Intelligence, MATLAB models, Algorithms, Reconfigurable Systems.

August 2011 – July 2012

INTEL, Intel Labs, Power Delivery for Circuits and Systems Team, [OR – USA] Student Intern

Work Experience: Alternative Power Management for Microelectronics

  • Modeling Voltage Regulators combined with Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) [using MATLAB]
  • Studying/Analyzing MPPT algorithms ….
  • Implementing embedded control [systems] using Texas Instruments microcontrollers.
  • Evaluating new tools and Simulink toolboxes

August 2009 – June 2014

Nanoelectronics Integrated Systems Center (NISC), Nile University, [Egypt] Research Assistant

Research Focus: 3D Memory Modeling for MCNoC application:

  • [Creating/Introducing] 3D memory architectures as a central platform for a Memory-Centric Network on Chip.
  • Building a MATLAB model for quanitative assessment of different sizes and organizations of memory array based on HP CACTI tool.
  • Extrapolating mathematical models for delay, area and power to include 3D IC techniques.
  • Proposing and evaluating memory organizations suitable for NoC.
  • [Creating thermal aware task mapping for MP-SoCs] Implementation: MATLAB Memory models, 3D ICs models, C programming.


PhD in Computer Engineering at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA [2014- current]

MSc in Computer Engineering at University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA (GPA: 3.88) [Dec 2016]

Msc in Microelectronics System Design at Nile University, Egypt (GPA: 3.82) [2014, ABD]

B.Sc in Communications and Electronics Eng., Fayoum University, Egypt (Grade:89.05%) [2009]

Recent Publications:

  1. O. Eldash, K. Khalil, M. Bayoumi. “On On-chip Intelligence Paradigms” published in CCECE, 2017.
  2. K. Khalil, O. Eldash, and M. Bayoumi. “Flexible Self-Healing Router for Reliable and High-Performance Network-on-Chips Architecture” published in SOCC, 2018.
  3. K. Khalil, O. Eldash, and M. Bayoumi. “A Cost-Effective Self-Healing Approach for Reliable Hardware Systems” published in ISCAS, 2018.
  4. O. Eldash, K. Khalil, M. Bayoumi. “On Reconfigurable Fabrics for Intelligent Hardware Systems” published in ICECS, 2017.
  5. K. Khalil, O. Eldash, and M. Bayoumi. “A Novel Approach Towards Less Area Overhead Self-Healing Hardware Systems.” Published in MWSCAS, 2017.
  6. K. Khalil, O. Eldash, and M. Bayoumi. “Self-healing router architecture for reliable network-on-chips” published in ICECS, 2017.
  7. H. Sarhan, O. Eldash, M. Raymond, A. Wassal, Y. Ismail, “Temperature-aware adaptive task-mapping targeting uniform thermal distribution in mpsoc platforms” published in ICEAC, 2010.

Teaching Experience

January 2018 – current Instructor at University of Louisiana at Lafayette [USA]

Teaching an elective class entitled “Smart Embedded Systems” focusing on combining Machine Learning and embedded systems in a project-based curriculum.

January 2015 – December 2017 Teaching Assistant at University of Louisiana at Lafayette [USA]

Teaching assistant for Circuits II, VLSI systems, and Advanced VLSI systems classes.

October 2012 – June 2014 Teaching Assistant at Nile University [Egypt]

Teaching multiple classes: Electric Circuits, Fundamentals of Control, Signals and Systems, Digital IC design

Tools, Skills and Topics of Interest

Tools: Xilinix (Vivado), Mentor (IC Station, Eldo, Modelsim, etc.), Cadence (Virtuoso, encounter), Synopsis (Design Compiler), MATLAB & SimuLink

Programming: Python, Java, Assembly, Android development, VHDL, Verilog

Topics of interest: Reconfigurable Hardware, Evolvable Hardware, Memory Architectures, 3D ICs, Neural Networks, IC digital design

Community Engagement Activities

President – Megapreneurship Society Student Organization at ULL

Lead Organizer and Volunteer Coordinator – International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing 2017

Volunteer Coordinator and Curator Team volunteer – TEDxVermilionStreet 2015

Founder, Alkhayma – Coworking space in Fayoum,Egypt, aims at attracting active youth in the community to build a technical and social ecosystem in the small city. January 2014 – August 2014